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EDMARK goes to Lauriers, COCODY

EDMARK Outstation Program

Membership Drive Rally

Date: July 24, 2011

By Soro Marc Diozamayaha



“We are all surrounded by simple and obvious solutions that can spectacularly increase our income but the problem is we just don’t see them.”


Last Sunday, the local inhabitants of “Lauriers” in Cocody Riviera 3 got the visit of Edmark-CI. They realized that the solution was to their problems and worries were at hand only that they didn’t see. In fact, one of the newly recognized Managers (Silué Kinifo Inza) invited Edmark-CI for presentation of a mini MDR to his neighbors.

The presentation immediately started after the Christian and Muslim prayers at exactly 3: 45 pm. The speaker (Marketing Soro) told the attendees that that Sunday was a Sunday of blessings because most of their health problems will be solved after the presentation. Therefore, he proceeded by telling them that the number one killing disease is actually the colon cancer and that 90% of the diseases are connected with the colon cancer. He also told showed them the drawbacks of unremitting constipation. Since most of them seemed to worry, he told them that they were at the right place at the right time because there, there is the SHAKE OFF which is a natural product made with natural ingredients. He told them that the Shake Off will clean the intestinal tract from the esophagus to the rectum and flash out all the toxins in the body, mainly the digestive system.


For the circumstance, SM. Yessoh Marie Madeleine and Mgr Konan Alice were invited as the SHAKEOFF TESTIMONY and MRT TESTIMONY respectively.

They bore witness on the affectivity and the goodness of Edmark products.

Right after, was the presentation of the MRT Complex. The speaker told them that getting fat is not a matter of wealth but rather of calories. He told them that if they consume more calories that they use, then they would get fat. But as he precised, getting obese is very harmful because it exposes the body to a lot sicknesses such as Diabetes, Kidney, High blood pressure and many others diseases. Then, in an attempt of avoiding all these diseases, Edmark Introduces the MRT Complex and proposes it as the solution to the problem.


The presentation continued with the introduction of the business opportunity that Edmark offers but this time by DM Traoré Drissa (Mr. T) who was just passing by and decided to say a word. He told attendees that Edmark is the opportunity that all of them were looking for and longing to find. Because as he said, in Edmark, “we cure you from your sicknesses and then allow you to have money if only you want to”.

He went through the 9 Great Bonuses so that to make it clear in the mind of every one.

Everybody was happy to join such a fruitful presentation. After that, Marketing Noah told the attendees that this was just an overview of what Edmark offers and that for more information; he personally invited them to visit the Office at Riviera 3 Lycée Franҫais. Seminars conducted daily from 9:30 and 2:00pm Monday’s to Saturday’s. A Free-taste coffee was given to them. The seminar was ended by a  Christian and Muslim prayers . 7 newly invited guests were registered on that day.

Thanks to MGR SILUE KINIFO INZA for inviting us, SM YESSOH MADELEINE for the ShakeOff testimony, MGR KONAN ALICE for the MRT Testimony (P4 Winner) , DM TRAORE DRISSA for discussing the Marketing Plan &  MGR COULIBALY ALIMA for supporting the event and finally to the People of Lauriers for making this possible…

SEE YOU on AUGUST 6 @ Palmerie for the next OUTSTATION!


Ohh YES! 6th Social Day

OH YES! 6th Social Day

By: Soro Marc

Photos: Michelle Dela Cruz


Yes, yes, yes!!!! Another day of success after the Crisis, another day of recognition despite the situation Ivorian Edmarkers went through!!!

In fact, a social day has been successfully organized by Edmark Cote D’Ivoire Team.   The event took place in Edmark Garden Square and those  distributors who have reached the position of Managers to Ruby Managers were recognized, that is for the month of January to June 2011.

Charles Sanhouedie a member of the STP batch 4 and Mgr Dembélé Issoufou from STP Batch 5 lead the opening prayer subsequently followed by the dance energizers (Waka Waka, Venga Boys and Edmark City Song)


DM Coulibaly Mamadou an International Distributor made the welcome remarks.

Right after, the Bombastic and energetic Beautiful Rachel Die (P4) and Brigitte Tan stood as the master of ceremonies. A Special award was given to the early bird distributor and the most numbered of guests invited and was awarded by RM N’Zi Kouadio Yvonne.Series of testimonies were done respectively by P4 Mme Mahe Louise for taking part of the P4 Slimming Program and Mme Yessoh Marie Madeleine on the products.

The recognition from the month of January to June began. RM Coulibaly Souleymane and EM Kouadio N’Zi Yvonne awarded the the 10 Edmark Managers Pins to the newly promoted, after which we have a very outstanding dance performance by the young Edmarkers of Abobo. They performed a dazzling song number entitled “Kuitata”.

After that, our hosts continued with the Sapphire Managers Recognition. EM Touré Abdoulaye and EM Hyguette Agoua awarded the 3 pins.

Thereafter, comes the one and only Ruby Manager Zerbo Noufou. He made a very wonderful testimony by telling them that every one of them has the talent to become a Ruby Manager and even more.

As he said, the only one thing missing is motivation. He always dreams to become a crown.

EM Toure Abdoulaye comes to inspire them to do business with EDMARK seriously. He stress out to be more efficient in attending the daily seminars and to understand its Marketing Plan because this is the only way for them to achieve their goals.

EM Huguette Agoua gave her inspirational message. “When she discovered EDMARK she realized that the company is true because of its Marketing Plan. And she said so that for those who want to get rich quickly they don’t have a place here in EDMARK because the marketing plan is design to make them rich step by step but not so fast. And for those who are lazy they don’t have to be here because in Edmark they need to work and sell products. Sell and sell and sell. She encouraged all distributors to always focus and dream big because it’s the condition for them to reach the Top.


The program was ended with the announcements by Marketing Rachelle Allou and Michelle dela Cruz; The LTBC Philippines (MANILA & MALAYSIA TOUR PACKAGE) on August 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2011, The LTBC Ghana & Nigeria ticket promo, the web Replicator and finally Edmark Kenya 1st year anniversary. The event was closed by both Christian and Muslim word of Worship with everybody willing to be recognized in the coming days.



GREETINGS! from the USA by our Chairman & Family

July’s Leader’s Meeting

Event: Leaders Meeting

Date: July 6, 2011

By Soro Marc Diozamayaha


July 6, 2011 was another day of gathering for the family of Ivorian Edmark soldiers. Once again, Leaders were called for a meeting regarding the Upcoming activities in the universe of Edmark. The meeting started at 2:00 pm after the opening Christian and Muslim prayers and a couple of dance energizers. The agenda of the meeting was the outstanding Web Replicator, the LTBC Philippines, the LTBC Rally and the T3, STP priority cards, badge and privilege. Since the meeting was hosted by Marketing Michelle dela Cruz, she acknowledged the presence of all the leaders for taking part of the meeting.

Coming back to the agenda, she started by the first point: the web replicator. She made them see the real importance of the Web replicator with the main domain of Edmark International official website. She told them that the replicator will permit them to be more reliable and more confident when comes to their Edmark business. She added that the web replicator will include their Contact numbers their pictures and even their E-mail Address which will make it possible for everybody from all over the world to see them and join their business if possible. Most of Leaders were happy because they were longing to have such an opportunity.

As for the LTBC, she told them that it’s a good news for Ruby Managers and up because, if they have a total point of 5,000, it will serve as Travel Fund and they won’t pay anything more. As for the non managers, the information was that if they wanted to join the LTBC, they have to pay 25% of the 5,000 points as their commitment to take part to the LTBC. She precised that the Big Event will cover a period of one week going from August 11, 12 13 and 14 plus 2 days more for the participants to explore and visit some specific places in Manila and also the Factory in Malaysia.  There, she took advantage in informing them about the LTBC Rally (Mini LTBC). Different places were quoted by Leaders but the final resolution was to opt for the closest place to avoid a high operating cost.

The next part of the meeting was the T3, STP Badge, privilege and Priority card. She told them that once a speaker or a T3 is selected to for a presentation or training, he will be entitled to have a ticket for an event of the EES CYCLE. There, happiness could be seen on the faces because that was another additional little bonus.

The meeting took end after 2 hours by the Reminders for business promotion including flyering, texting, emailing, facebook, calling cards, outstations, and tactical meetings. The Closing prayers were done and the meeting was adjourned with every leader happy for so much good news.

ISECOM Students visit EDMARK

ISECOM Students visit EDMARK

July 11, 2011


By: Manoah Ion Ganza Nacario

Photos: Michelle Dela Cruz


Monday was a surprise for EDMARK Cote d’Ivoire  as the ISECOM students visited EDMARK for the first time.


Their DEAN Mr. Niamien Landry brought them  through the help of dynamic T3 Trainer SM Koudio Bini Pacome Koffi for their FINANCIAL Subject (How to do business with MLM).

T3 Trainer Atse Camille Affessi was around to support the seminar.

Students were able to taste the SHAKEOFF and MRT.

After the Seminar Diamond Manager Traore Drissa gave his words of encouraging to the students.



SM Bini Pacome himself was the MDR Speaker.  He clearly  explained  product knowledge particularly Shake off, MRT and its Marketing Plan.

Truly this kind of event will encourage young people to start the business while they are in school.




July 10, 2011

By: Manoah Ion Ganza Nacario



EDMARK Cote d’Ivoire is continuously campaigning in giving basic and proven business education thru The Edmark Education System to all members.

With the support and leadership of Father Alexis Koko last Sunday, July 10, 2011.

Marketing Staff Noah & Soro went to Notre Dame de l’Ascension, Yopougon to conduct the MDR with the total of 33 newly guests and seasoned members.




We offer one cup at a time, and we are building our company one person at a time.

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Preferably can speak ENGLISH ages 21-27. Bring your CV/Application Letter.

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